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Информация об Омске для иностранных граждан (анг.)


Conception of Strategic Development of Omsk City.

In 2002 the group of Omsk scientists with the assistance of the Administration of Omsk City introduced the Conception of Strategic Development of Omsk City. The main goal of this document is an improving the quality of life.


Therefore there should be used the followings:

  • development of effective production and human services
  • improvement of the city environment
  • formation of the favourable social climate
  • development of the institution of civic society.

At present “The Plan of Actions of the Administration of Omsk City about Realizations of the Conception of Strategic Development of Omsk City in 2003-2004” is in progress.


The enterprises of power engineering, oil processing, chemical and petrochemical industries, metalworking, mechanical engineering and firms dealing with food industry, form the basis of city industry. 90% of the production manufactured in Omsk falls to its share.


Enterprises of engineering industry produce space systems, air-engines, hydraulic equipment, electrical-type instruments, vacuum cleaners, laundry washers, home audio equipment, micro-cryogenic and complex radio electronic instruments, intercity relay stations and medical apparatus.


Petroleum chemical plants manufacture over 400 types of products such as: diesel oil, gasoline, black oil, lubricating oil, benzol, ethylene, synthetic rubber, tyres, carbon, etc.

Enterprises of light, wood working and food industry process leather and skin, fleece and timber. They manufacture foot ware ready-made and knit garments, cotton and woolen textile, furniture, strength timber, butter, sausages, beer, beverages and alcohol.


There are 48 research institutes and labs carrying out investigations which are widely used by industrial enterprises.


Legislative acts, adopted in the region, regulate investment activities. There is a division of Industry, Investments, and Development of Business Undertakings of the Department of Municipal Economical Policy of the Administration of Omsk City. In 2002 Industry and Investment Board was established under the aegis of the municipality. The main goal of this organization is to attract entrepreneurs to solve city problems and improve collaboration social association with local governments.



International exhibition center "Intersib", organized in 1994 is widely known outside Omsk region. Within the years the stuff managed to accumulate great operation experience to organize exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars in Russia and abroad. Arrangements like International Exhibition of Arms and Materiel "BTTB-Omsk", "Stroyprogress. City", "Agroprodselmash", "Upackagro", "Omskprodopt", "Omskneftechim", "Medicine. Healthcare", "Protection", "Svazinfo" are considered to be business card of exhibition center "Intersib". Within its work the center has organized about 60 arrangements and involved 5 000 firms from 48 countries of the world.



All kinds of communication services are provided to population. Volume of facilities for the population is provided by the "Sibirskaya Sotovaya Svyaz", "Mobilny Sistemy Svyasy", "Omskaya Sotovaya Svyaz", "Electrosvyaz", "Vimpelcom - Region. Omsk Branch".


Omsk is big transport nodal point. There are all types of transport here: air, river, railway, motor and pipeline one. Over 3 500 flights connect Omsk with districts of Russia and 500 ones with foreign countries. Aircrafts carry about 1000 000 tons of cargo and 196 000 passengers a year. New international airport “Omsk-Fedorovka” is under construction.

Sea and riverboats of Omsk steam navigation company ship cargo and passengers in the Black, Baltic and Mediterranean seas. Big and middle transport agencies of Omsk city carry 81% of cargo transportation of Omsk region and 89% of passengers carried in the region.

Metro is being built in Omsk city .

Roads of international and federal importance connect Omsk with all regional centers and big cities.



Omsk was founded in 1716 as a fortress at the junction point of channels of the Irtysh and the Om rivers by Colonel Ivan Bookhgoltz, this historic fact initiated developing of Omsk - one of the oldest cities in Siberia.


At the second part of the 18th century the fortress became the largest fortification at the East of the country. Construction of Trans - Siberian railway boosted the development of the city. Railway connected Omsk with European part of Russia and its East regions. Omsk turned out to be in a very favorable position being at the crossing of trade ways.


Metal work and food processing industry began to develop in the city. Foreign companies opened their representative offices. Branch banks were opened as swell. In 20s and 30s of the 20th century Omsk was agricultural center of Siberia. Higher Institutes of Education were established and leaped forward.


In 1941-1945 over 100 enterprises of different brunches were evacuated from zone of action of the front into Omsk itself and Omsk region. Since the middle of 50s Omsk became the center of large petroleum refining and petrochemical complex. In 70s and 80s house building and industrial engineering boom stimulated manufacturing of construction materials.


At the beginning of 90s private sector appeared in the economy of the city. In 90s market infrastructure was shaped and private enterprises, banks, financial-investment companies, funds appeared. Production of Omsk enterprises entered national and world market and is in great demand now.




Omsk – is Multinational City. It is inhabited by Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Belorussians, Bashkeers, Jewry and other nations, altogether – about 80 nationalities.

At present time more than 20 centers of national culture are functioning, regenerating its national traditions. Religious unions of 50 confessions are acting too.


There are 10 000 physicians and 17 000 nurses in Omsk as well as 60 hospitals and 158 dispensaries. Omsk Medical Academy trains highly skilled doctors of different specialties and is in charge of raising the level of G.Ps skills.
There are 30 special medical centers in Omsk, such as: endocrinological, pulmonological, perinatal, microsurgery, surgery of lever, gastroenterology, and diagnostic center, the largest one in Siberia.

Omsk universities are well known for its high level and standard of education in different brunches of knowledge: medicine, transport, agriculture, jurisprudence, economy, business, pedagogics, natural sciences, phylology, history, culture and arts. Students from other cities and countries study at Omsk universities. 8 000 people are dealing with scientific researches.

Omsk academic school is traditionally considered to be one of the best in Russia. Educational system is changing now, new technologies are being applied. Computer library for children was set up, it is unique for Siberia.


Cultural potential of Omsk is as follows:

  • 83 public libraries with book fund exceeding 7 million pieces.
  • 9 museums, containing over 220 000 collection items:
  • Museum of local history (founded in 1878),
  • Fine Arts Museum named after M.Vroobel,
  • Museum ”Art of Omsk”,
  • Museum of Local Urbanism,
  • There are 8 professional theatres in Omsk,
  • 29 public amenities,
  • Circus,
  • Schools of arts,
  • Omsk State Philharmonic Society.

Theatres of Omsk are well known in Russia as well as abroad. They represent different genres of dramatic art: there are 5 drama theatres (Academy Drama theatre, Drama and Comedy Theatre "Gallery", "The Fifth Theatre", Theatre for Youth and Children, Theatre "Studio", "Theatre Lyceum", Music Theatre, the Puppet Show "Harlequin".


Theatres of Omsk have been taking part in national and international festivals and gave performances on a tour, and won prestigious drama awards such as: premium “Golden Mask”, award in the content “The Best Provincial Theatre of Russia” etc. Theatres from Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, Israel and former soviet republics played on tour in Omsk.




Athletes from Omsk have been taking part in national and international competitions, Olympics. There are 17 participants and champions of Olympics and World champions in Omsk. Wrestler Alexander Pushnitza, swimmer Roman Sludnov and gymnast Irina Chashina are world known.


Planting of greenery


People of Omsk are trying to restitute the status of "garden-city". This project is taking its special significance: in 2000 area, occupied by trees and plants increased by 11,6 hectars, and by 15 hectars in 2001. Now the territory of the city is designed as a system of gardens, squares, embankments and avenues.

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