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» English » SIBERIAN CONSTRUCTION WEEK » Terms of participation

20 - 22 may 2009


1. Registration


The participation in the exhibition is registered according to the contract-application and appendices attached to the given Terms of Participation. The application must be filled in, signed and certified with a stamp and it must be delivered to the Organizer before the 5th  of May, 2009 The Participant makes the payment based on the bill according to the type of participation. Upon transaction of the sum of money a payment order copy must be sent to the Organizer.



2. Price

Including a stand: we offer You standard stands where You can display Your exhibits


of a stand


Size, m2

Price, ..

Equipment (included in a stand price)





1 table, 2 chairs, lamp, socket, carpet flooring, trash bin.





1 table, 2 chairs, lamp, socket, carpet flooring, trash bin.





2 table, 3 chairs, 2 lamps, socket, carpet flooring, coatrack, trash bin.





2 table, 5 chairs, 2 lamps, socket, carpet flooring, coatrack, trash bin.


Price of stands 1,2,3,4 without furniture is 704 . . 1055 . . , 1413 . ., 2105 . . respectively.

The price for custom-made stand will be calculated according to Your draft (Appendix 2).



List of services that are included into the price of a standard equipped stand:


1 person accreditation (extra person accreditation 150 ..); exhibition site rent, a stand and electric equipment assembling and disassembling; furniture rent; stand and main light;  exhibition advertisement conducted in the interests of the Participant; exhibition security during off hours; frieze inscription (the name of the company above the stand, up to 10 symbols, the name of the city must NOT be included); official catalogue publication (max. 50 words, Essential Element must NOT be included); badges production; local telephone; controlled storage room; main and stand cleaning; press-center services; city-tours; transfer: hotel-exhibition-hotel; participation in the reception on the occasion of the exhibition opening; participation in the official arrangements (round-table discussions, seminars, conferences); maintenance staff services; hotel room reservation.


A stand is placed by the Organizer according to the exhibition topics. If the exhibition stand, or site, is not occupied by the Participant 15 hours before the beginning of the exhibition (in case this issue is not discussed in

advance), this stand, or site, will be considered free and it will be disposed of at the discretion of the Organizer.


If a particular place for a stand in the exhibition building is required, the Participant will have to pay extra fee  30% of a basic rate.

Unequipped stand price 148 .. per 1 m2., outdoor site price 45 . per 1 m2, If the participant buys unequipped stand or outdoor site, the participant pays a registration fee   150 .

Extra price for a stand or unequipped  stand opened on 2 sides 15 % of a basic rate;

on 3 sides 20%; on 4 sides 40%.

Equipped stand price 180 ...per m2.

All other companies displaying their products on the Participants stand are considered to be Co-Particpants. Each Co-Participant has to pay registration fee 150 ...



Correspondence participation:

The price is 210 .. In this case the Organizer undertakes obligations to display the information materials, received from the Participant, on a special stand Correspondence participation. The information about the Participant will be published in the official catalogue. One copy of the catalogue and the list of companies, interested in the Participants information, will be sent to the Participant after the exhibition closing.


Customer participation:

(NO exhibition stand). The price is 210 .. The information about the Participant will be published in the official catalogue.. The price for participation without publication in the catalogue 150 ..


Virtual stand participation: .

The price - 30 ..for 2 months.  The information is displayed on the web-site  http://www.intersib.ru/  in the category Exhibition Participants (the company full legal name, Essential Elements - address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, web-site, type of business, production, services).  Information is provided by the Participant.


Official catalogue.

Information about the company is published on the basis of the contract application. Information for the catalogue in Russian is attached to the contract application or this information is sent via E-mail. The price for black-and-white company logotype publication is 30 ... (detailed information is in the Appendix #1).   


Extra equipment and services:

The list and the price of extra equipment and services is in the Appendix #2. If extra equipment or services are ordered during the exhibition, the price increases by 50% and the Participant will be provided with these equipment or services within 24 hours after the payment.


The participation in the main contest (the best exhibit, the best exposition,

the best scientific development, the best project) - 2200 RUB.

 So as to participate in the contest, the Participant must provide the Organizer

with the list of products and services and certificates (of conformance, of sanitary etc.).


Procedure of settlement.

The prices for all services include VAT. Conventional Unit rate is set by the Organizer. The payment is made via bank transfer in advance


3. Exhibition work procedure

Registration and exposition decoration is held on 19th of May 2009 from 14.00 to 19.00 hours.

Documents for registration: payment order (payment receipt); original exhibition account document will be given upon presentation of the certificate of authority. The Participant is solely responsible for safety and order at the Participants stand from 10.00 to 17.00 hours.


Exhibition work schedule:

20th   21nd of May from 10.00 to 17.00 hours,  22th  10.00-15.00

Official opening ceremony: 20th of May at 11.00 hours.

Exposition disassembling and exhibits removal: 22rd of May from 15.00 to 17.00 hours.

It is forbidden to disassemble and remove exhibits before the end of the exhibition


4. Other terms.

The Participant undertakes obligations to return the rented equipment in working codition on the last working day of exhibition. In case the equipment is damaged, the Participant will have to pay the full price of the damaged equipment. The Organizer is NOT responsible for the impairment of obligations caused by the Acts of God and other reasons that are NOT under Participants control. All disputes and disagreements are settled by negotiations. In case the Parties fail to reach agreement during negotiation, the disputes will be settled according to the current legislation.


Exhibition director rozhina evgeniYa anatolYevna,

tel.+7  (3812) 25-25-56, 25-25-20, 25-84-87; tel/fax. 25-72-02: cell. +7-908-800-94-10

e-mail: stroy@intersib.ru